Friday, April 24, 2009

I've been Tagged!

Woot! I've been tagged by Nae, you can find her blog here:)

Here goes!

8 things I'm looking forward to( in no order)
1. not having a migraine for one day lol...

2 My childhood BFF coming home for the first time from the South in 4 years! We haven't seen each other in 9 years :) We've been friends all our lives.

3 A peaceful weekend with my kids just hanging out and having fun

4 the end of the mountain that is my laundry. Have you noticed that just when you think its almost done.. it goes up again?

5 The beautiful weather thats supposed to hold on for more than just two days!

6 Yard sale hopping with the family this summer! Gotta love the steals you can get!

7 Snuggling with the kids tonight to watch movies

8 registering my youngest for kindergarten this week coming.. full days here we come! lol

8 things I did yesterday

1 Played some addicting farming game on

2 Made another template and tutorial

3 Emailed in mass quantities back and forth with my good friend Susan lol

4 did some of that pile of laundry

5 Made dinner with the kids

6 Played games with my silly babies

7 Chatted with hubby about ebay shopping

8 Went and picked up 8 kids after school and only 2 were mine lol!

8 things I wish I could do

1 Have super powers to heal the world

2 do a cartwheel

3 see with out glasses lol

4 meet some special friends that I have met online

5 not have a migraine...

6 take the kids to the zoo

7 see the loved ones I've lost

8 eat a bucket of KFC friend chicken! :P

8 things or shows I watch

1 Hells kitchen

2 Survivor

3 The Exterminators

4 Smallville

5 Dexter

6 Judge shows lol

7 Reba

8 VH1

8 People I tag:

1 Alyssa @ Alyssa Tutorials

2 Nee @ Envied and Admired

3 Vicki @ Pink Princess Designs

4 Delicious Scraps

5 cupcake Sprinkles

6 Juicy Bits

7 Krissy's scraps

8 Misfitz scraps

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