Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long Day...


Hey all. Just wanted to let everyone know I'm not sure how much I'll be on today. We had to call an ambulance for my brother last night. He has been having knee issues for over a month. He saw the orthopedist surgeon about 2 weeks ago. The guy is a donkey's butt! I don't like the doc, I had him for my carpal tunnel surgeries and he's a real jerk. The guy messed with my brothers knee, set up an MRI and another appt. and didn't give him a brace. Last night he fell trying to go to the bathroom. So we called the ambulance, they took him and checked him out. Sent him home with meds and a brace. So far the brace is helping a lot. He's resting thank heavens. We'll know more next week if and when they are doing surgery. We're pretty sure they are going to. I've got Mae home today too, she's not quite ready to return to school, another day or so. So needless to say I'm exhausted, running on only about 4 hours sleep. I have to get some stuff done around the house and try to lay down for a nap too soon. I'm ready to fall asleep on my keyboard.

I will get on when I can, but only long enough to check emails and such. I'll be back tomorrow, granted everything goes ok today.

Have a blessed week my friendS!


**I had to throw this in to make ya'll smile.. this was made for me a while back :) **


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