Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wicked Awesome Tags!~

This beautiful tag was made by Gaylene of Aussie Chic Tutorials. Made with my PTU kit Sweet Rock :)I love how she made everything just fit together! It's just beautiful! Thank you hon! You can find her tutorial for this tag AND blog by clicking the blinkie:


This gorgeous one was made by my girl Susan at HippieDaze tutorials. She also used my PTU kit Sweet Rock :) She always does amazing work and this one was an added bonus! I love it! I love how she added the red and made it really pop! You can find the tutorial for this tag AND blog by clicking the blinkie:

This one is from Alyssa who used my first PTU kit Sweet Rock. And She ROCK'D it! I so love this.. and I love the choice of tubes she used. So not what I expected! Thank you sweetie its gorgeous! You can find her tutorial for this tag AND her blog by clicking the blinkie below. BTW she also has a scrap blog.. make sure you check it out! You can get to it from her tutorial blog!

This one is from a very sweet lady named Nan :) She emailed me with a question about one of the tutorials and from there we were yacking! lol She sent me this as well as several other tags she had done with my tutorials :) I was blown away with how much this looked JUST like my tag! I was so thrilled that it came out the way it did and how awesome it was she did so good with it! I have more to post from her.. but my email ate them :O lol So as soon as Nan sends them back to me I'll post them!

Gorgeous! I always love to see beautiful creations, especially when made with my stuff! lol Laura rock'd this one for sure! I love the balance in color in the tag and the tube, one of my favorites! Laura is a super sweetheart and just started her own blog! Make sure you check her out here:

Creations By Laura

Thank you Laura for the stunning tag! Keep up the rockin' work! She should write tutorials :)

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