Saturday, October 15, 2011

Do you believe in Magic? PTU

This tutorial was written on October 15, 2011, Shani aka Wicked Princess. The concept of the tag is mine and mine alone. Any resemblance to any other tag/tut is pure coincidence. This was written for those with working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.
Supplies Needed:

++Paint Shop Pro ( I used 10 but any version should work)

++Your tube of choice. I used the artwork of Elias Chatzsoudis. You can purchase his work currently at PSP Tubes Emporium (note I purchased mine when he was at MPT)

++Scrap kit of choice, I used the cute kit 2 cute 2 Spook by Tasha of Tasha’s Playground

++ Mask of your choosing

++Fonts of your choice. I can’t remember what I used! LOL

++Plug in:

++Muera Meister Copies


Open a canvas of 800x800 and make sure it has a transparent background. Remember we can resize this later.

Open the paper you like. Copy and paste it as a new layer onto your canvas. Add your mask of choice by going to layers>load/save mask and then load mask from disk and pick the mask you want to use. Remember to merge the group by right clicking on the layer palette, the top mask layer and click on merge group.

Now open the frame of your choice. Resize then copy and paste as a new layer into the center of the canvas. Using your magic wand tool, click inside the frame. Go to selections>modify>expand by 3 and click ok. Add a new raster layer and then flood fill your choice of paper. Go to selections>none and then move this layer below the frame layer.

Next open spider web you like. I used the one with the skinnier webs. Resize if needed then copy and paste as a new layer below the circle frame layer.
Now open your tube of choice, and resize it if you need to. Move it to the right of your frame. Duplicate then move it below the frame layer and go to image>mirror. On this one use your plug in jeans on the setting you like. Now click on the circle frame to make it active. Use your magic wand tool and click inside the circle frame. Go to selections, modify, and expand by four. Click ok and then make your left tube layer active. Go to selections invert and then hit the delete key on your keyboard. Go to selections, none. Now on the layers palette change the blend mode for this tube layer to luminance legacy. You will see the difference there!
Open the eyeball element. Resize then copy and paste as a new layer. Use your meura meister copies on the encircle setting. Set it to how many you want to show in the circle, and then click ok. Resize the circle then move it to the upper left part of the circle. Move to just above the mask layer. Duplicate it then go to image, mirror. Merge down one layer then duplicate it once, and go to image, flip. Merge down one more layer.
Then open the mesh circle then copy and paste as a new layer. Move it down to below the eyeball layers. Move it towards the top though. Duplicate it and go to image, flip. Merge down one layer. Duplicate and go to image, free rotate and click 90. Then click ok. Merge down one layer.
Now open the bats you like, resize then copy and paste as a new layer. Move it to the upper left of the tag. Make sure this is at the top.
Add the heart bow you like and the grim reaper dude. I made him look like he’s kind of “popping out of it. What I did was erase bits and parts of his body.

Finally add your text, copyrights, and tagger markings. Save and you’re done! Thank you for trying my tutorial.

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