Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Templates, Tuts, and Tsunami's....

Few weeks back before my household got the flu I was working on making templates for the first time. I had made a few but somehow lost them all except the first one! I was so mad! I found it and have it out there for ya'll now :) TOU is added to the file, it is a zip file. If you download I would love to see a comment, but its not necessary :) Also if you make a tag with my templates I would absolutely ADORE seeing them! You can email me at superrainpolly@gmail.com. Also please include in your email if I have your permission to post the tag in my blog. If you have a tag site or group on myspace, send me your link! I'll post it along with your creation :)

I would like to share a very special thank you to Valerie! She has an amazing yahoo group, where she puts together links for tutorials, kits, templates everything! And can you believe she even categorizes them? She's such a sweetheart and I ADORE her and her group :) If you have a chance join her group, you so will not be sorry! If you are apart of that group you will see links to my tutorials as I get them done :D

You can follow her link to here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Meadows-ScrapbookingTutorials/

Also I just realized she has a blog: http://meadowsstudio.blogspot.com/ which I am now a follower of :)

On to one other funny note.... I live on the west coast, more importantly on the coast of Washington State. Hmmmm odd for someone like me who has a fear of the water to live only 20 miles from the ocean and with in a block of one river let alone 5 just in our town! My point.. I think I was making one... lol... last week, a county just about 30 minutes from here had an earthquake just off their coast. And there were Tsunami sized waves! OH EM GEE!!!! I just about had to run in the corner with my bag of cookies! We get Tsunami warning bells practiced once a month. My question is.. how much is a warning REALLY going to help us? Shoot I best get my canoe ready now!! :P

Happy tagging my friends and have a wickedly fun week!

Much love,

Shani the Wicked Princess

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