Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where to start?

Welcome! I'm super excited to start a brand new project on my own. I've started writing tutorials recently and had to stop due to some other things going in my life. I'm super excited to get started on them again and will be posting some in the coming weeks :) I will make sure to use a variety of both PTU and FTU kits, templates, and artists. I think its important as a tagger to make sure there is a variety for those who look to use tuts.

I'm also beginning on learning how to make templates. I have a few already up on my myspace tag page I share with my brother David. I'll be moving these here and starting to update info as I can. I thank you for taking the time to come by and take a peek! Please be patient with me as I get started and get moving things around. I'm new to Blogspot and will be taking a test run on it!

It seems this can be pretty overwhelming at first.. but I'm very ready to venture out and share my skills with others and welcome any newbies joining the PSP world :)

Have a peaceful and rockin' week my friends!

Shani aka Wicked Princess

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