Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sorry guys I've been MIA for the last two days. Things are kind of hectic here this week, and I've had a rough few days. I have an appointment today that has me pretty stressed out and then I'm coming home to veg out with my family. I have given myself time this weekend to work on the blog and PSP,as I need that stress reliever.

All three of my kids are having health issues flair up at once and we're pretty concerned. My youngest has to have her tonsils out asap, and in order to get this done right away I have to drive her two hours away to do so. Which is ok.. except I hate driving lol and then the added stress of worrying about my baby. She's only 5 and has to have it done at the childrens hospital up north. I've been through the tonsillectomy route with my husband and my oldest this time last year. They had them back to back! OYE VEY! lol It's just the worry of it all that gets me. Then my oldest is having issues with losing focus and the concern is great enough she has to see a specialist. My son is having issues with his disorders add on the million of things I worry about and the end of school coming.....

I need a nap lol! I'm not going anywhere I promise! I just need to take a time out for a day or two more to gather my wits. I will be posting templates later today though. I have those already done. I won't be posting anymore tuts until this weekend.

I'm sorry I promise I'm not flaking out on anyone :) I just need a time out. Anyone else need a time out.. let's all find a corner together! LMAO!

Much love,


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