Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My apologies and other wicked randomness...

I'm sorry that I haven't gotten tags up from those who sent them to me. I meant to do it last night and tweak the blog but my youngest wasn't feeling well. She had her check up yesterday and shots :( Bless her heart! She was up and down all night and hurting. On top of that we were all exposed to strep recently and I fear we may becoming down with it. I woke up with a sore throat and so did my son. I'm worried that my littlest one will get it again, as she had it in October that led to Scarlet Fever. This is so not fun.. lol. This all happens the day after we find out her tonsils need to come out. Oh the joys for me of going through this AGAIN! This time last year my husband was recovering from a tonsillectomy and my oldest was getting ready for hers. Good thing is I've been through it before, I just worry about seeing my baby sick and hurting :( *sighs* I know this will help her in so many ways though.

Oh and I ran off random again! lol I tend to do that a lot yes? :)

I'm going to take the afternoon to try and get some rest while I can and do a little laundry before my preschooler gets home. Then later this evening I'll be revamping the blog and posting tags. Also I've made the decision since I'm whipping tags out left and right and templates (I have done 18 already and only posted 10 lol) I will be posting templates AND tuts daily as I get the tuts done. This will help me catch up with my creative team too! I will be posting a new blinkie that Miss Alyssa made for me, bless her :D She's always up to a challenge, and my blinkie making just doesn't cut it! Lot's of stuff will be changing on the blog, things I've been meaning to do for over a week and haven't been able to. I'll make sure I explain things more when I'm done :)

If anyone has any suggestions or comments, let me know!

Much love and blessings,

Wicked Princess

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