Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Presents from my friends :)

I'll say it again.. I LOVE when my friends make me stuff! It's always such an honor to me to see the beautiful tags ya'll come up with when you use my stuff. It shows me how much you enjoy the things I do and makes it so worth while! I've made the decision too that I'll be using a lot of the tags as "signatures" when I make random posts and such. I want to show off ya'll brilliant work always :)

Regina sent me this beautiful tag, using Template 6. I almost forgot Mothers Day was creeping up on us already, until I saw her tag lol! Having lost my own mom 6 and a half years ago, It's hard for me to enjoy Mom's day as much as I used to.. up until this last year when my kids reminded me that its ok, La La (as they called her) celebrates with us in heaven always. I'm looking forward to it this year.. so ty Regina for the reminder of Mom's day and I'm happy and honored you made me this tag! You so ROCK!

Regina's tag.. remember you can check her out at Sinister Scraps, link over there----->>

Susan my beautiful friend from Scotland, sent me her version of my newest Tutorial, Rockin in the Club! I love how she changed it up a bit and added her own flair to it! We both love Rock tags and she knows me so well already :) I adore this tag! I'll be using it soon for sure!

Susan's work:

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