Monday, April 6, 2009

Wicked Notes....

Hi all! I wanted to check in and run a few random things.. because by now some of you have figured out I can be pretty random :P I hope to start working on a new template tomorrow, while I have some quiet time. I wanted to do it yesterday and today but other things came up. As I was dozing off last night I had several idea's for kits and templates! Doesn't the creativity always hit you when your half asleep? lol I'm hoping to be able to work on my notes for the stuff tomorrow.

Also I was mesmerized today by the amount of hits this blog has gotten! I had over 100 hits today alone! How cool is that? Also I absolutley LOVE when anyone sends me stuff that you make with my tutorials and anything else I make! It's such an honor to have ya'll share that with me! I will post them too as well as put them in a slide show at the bottom of the page. So make sure you send me your stuff!

I don't require you to leave comments when you download, but I love to see comments in the CBOX over there---->>>>> so feel free to leave comments, suggestions, whatever you like!

And.... I'll be announcing this week my new Creative Team who will test out my templates, and scraps I make. So stay tuned!

Oh and I was asked if I ever plan to going PTU.. the answer is.. thats a far way off lol. I know I'm not good enough to go PTU, so instead I'd rather stay FTU and help out my fellow taggers!

Ok that's enough for me.. time to get the the children ready for bed :D I shall return in the next day or so with new stuff!

Much Love,

Wicked Princess

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