Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home again...

Awwww... it feels so good to be home! Hopefully we all can rest better now we're home. Mae seems to be doing ok today. She was kind of cranky earlier but seems to be ok now. Older two have school tomorrow (yay peace lol) and then they're off for the holiday weekend.

We're all well, just really tired. Being away from home and our own beds makes a big difference. Bless my in laws though, they were kind enough to put up with us for so many days! But in return we all gave them colds lol. We all seemed to develop a cold the night Mae had her surgery. Prayerfully we'll all get over it pretty fast.

I'm trying to catch up on emails tonight and play around in PSP once everyone is down for the night. Ok so you all know I HAVE to get in PSP! LOL! I haven't been able to mess around in PSP in let's see... 5 whole days! AHHHHHHHH! LOL!

With that said, I'm off to feed the family, give baths and get them ready for bed. I shall return!

I may be hit and miss for a few days depending on how Mae is feeling. But I will be back!

Thank you to everyone for the love, prayers and kind words! You all are very much appreciated!


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