Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick Update....

Hey all. My baby Maelynne is out of surgery and resting. We were there for the better part of the day. She is now tonsil and adenoid free! LOL She's such a trooper. She's resting now and hanging out with Grandma. Bless my mother in law, I swore she was just going to jump right in the bed with her! She's doing really good and just resting now.

I won't be home until wedensday sometime. My oldest is having some testing tomorrow. So once we're done there, we're coming back to the inlaws to rest up and will go home the next day. I will be back to PSP sometime over the weekend. I'll need to by then just to destress myself! lol

I hope everyone is well! Sending lots of love to everyone :)


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