Friday, July 10, 2009

I'm here...

I'm sorry guys for the lack of updates and new tuts. This week was one hell of a week! We had to make a trip back up north to the childrens hospital for some testing for my oldest daughter on Monday then we all got the tummy flu! And do you think Otelia could just get the tummy bug? NO lol. She has a cold now too. Then yesterday we got the call to come back up to the childrens hospital for test results. I'm exhausted and glad its friday. We have so much to get done this weekend and so little motivation lol.

We're all ok.. just really tired. I did manage to finish my latest PTU kit, which will have a FTU add on for both tagger and full size. I'll have it up in stores this weekend and posted to the blog :) I have to say though.. I got motivation to do an add on from my girl Alyssa ;) So I give her credit for that one!

I promise in the next week you will see more tuts and scrapping stuff. Just let me get a good nights sleep and my house clean lmao! Anyone care to send the cleaning fairies to my house? ;)

Thank you all for the love and support!


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