Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The music moves me 2 FTU

This tutorial was written on December 20, 2011, Shani aka Wicked Princess. The concept of the tag is mine and mine alone. Any resemblance to any other tag/tut is pure coincidence. This was written for those with working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro.
Supplies Needed:

++Paint Shop Pro ( I used 10 but any version should work)

++ Tube of choice or the one I used, which is one by Alicia Mujica called "Don't stop the music" and you can find her work at PTE. Note you must have a valid license in order to use it!

++Scrap kit of choice, I used a FTU one called “her teenage rebellion” by Scrap Rebellion and you can find it here

++Template by Tami at Addictive pleasures. It’s the one that says “ I am more than just unique” and it’s the second one down in this post HERE

++Plug ins: Penta.com dot and cross

++Fonts of your choice. I used Americana and Teckton Pro


Open the template in PSP, using your shortcut keys on your keyboard (SHIFT+D) duplicate the template as a new image. Close the original.

Open several papers of choice, resizing as needed. For example, when I look at the blue bar where it tells me what I’ve opened (say like paper 2) it tells me what percentage I’m viewing it at. For me it’s usually 16%, so I resize to 16% bringing it to 100%. ( I hope that made sense!) Once you’ve done this, minimize for later use.

Next go to the bottom template layer and go to selections, select all, then float, selections defloat. Don’t forget to go to selections, none then delete the template layer. Repeat this process for the rest of the template. **NOTE I REMOVED THE WORD ART LAYERS, YOU CAN LEAVE THEM IF YOU LIKE!

Open the circle skulls frame. Resize it then copy and paste as a new layer. Move it to one layer above the bottom square layers. Move it to the upper left. Then duplicate it then go to image, mirror. Then Image flip. Adjust it as you may need to. I moved mine just a bit until I was happy with it.

Open up your tube of choice. I used one that had a close up as well. Copy and paste the close up as a new layer. Move it below the small square frame layers. I started with the left and moved it to where I liked it. Duplicate it and go to adjust, blur, guassian blur and blur it at level 3.00. The on your blend mode, change it to overlay. Merge down one layer. Now I used the plug in, penta.com, dot and cross. I just set it at any random setting. Click ok and then go to your rectangle layer that is below the close up layer. Go to selections, float, selections, defloat then click on the close up layer. Go to selections, invert. Back to the bottom rectangle layer go to selections, float, selections, defloat and then flood fill it with a gradient to match. What I did was change the foreground color to the teal looking color and the background to black. Then when I pulled up the gradient options, I set it to the foreground gradient option and set it to repeat I think on 4. Back to the close up layer, change the blend mode to lumincance legacy.

Next on the frame layers for the rectangle (above the close up layer) I changed the color and added noise. It’s up to you if you want to do that!

Open your regular tube of choice. Copy and paste as a new layer. Move it to the center, between the frame layers. Adjust as needed.

Now open the swirl with the stars on it. Resize it. Copy and paste as a new layer. Go to image, free rotate and rotate to 90 degrees to the right. Move this to just above the frame layers but below the tube layer. Move it and adjust. I moved mine so it looked like the tops ended right be tubes head and right behind the bum. Duplicate it and go to image, mirror. Adjust some more if you need to.

Next I opened two of the little flowers I liked. Copy and paste one onto the other, and layer them as you like. When you’ve got a layered flower, copy merged, and paste as a new layer. Place them where you like, or where you see I did. Up to you!

Then open up the star wave. Resize and copy and paste as a new layer so it rests at the end of the tube.
Open the ipod, resize then copy and paste as a new layer and move to the right of the star wave. Angle it to the left a bit. Duplicate it and go to image, mirror. Then move it to towards the top of the right frame. Add a skull to the upper right corner of the right frame and the bottom left of the left frame.

Add your copyrights, tagger markings, and licensing information. Add your words of choice also!

And that’s it! Thanks for trying my tutorial.

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