Monday, April 20, 2009

More tags from friends!

Yay I have a bunch to post today :) Hopefully I get them all and don't miss anyone! :)

First up we have Miss MamaCita @ BFF Kreationz and she made some wicked tags for me this week! Make sure you check out template 8 preview, she put up a new one for me! LOVE IT! Make sure you check out BFF Kreationz! She is coming up with some pretty sweet tags!

This one is with Template #7...I really like the colors she used, not what I expected!

And the second one is from good friend Alyssa! She actually made this for a fabulous FTU tutorial she wrote on her blog! YAY Alyssa is sucked into the blogging world with me! And bless her heart she used my template :D Make sure you check her out! She's a super sweetheart and incredibly nice :) And not to mention incredibly taleneted! I've always been a fan of her work!

You can check out her blog here:

And the tag...

Next is Natasha.. She left me this sweet Lix tag in my shout box! She used template 7 for this pretty spring tag! Thank you!

And lastly.. Is my sweet friend Susan who sent me this wonderful tag today! I laughed because we had the same idea and snagged the same FTU scrap kit! I was so excited when I saw the kit and even more surprised when I saw the tag! She used Template #8

Thank you to everyone for sending me your work! Beautiful tags my friends!

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