Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Look!

I'm so excited! I'm a ding dong when it comes to making layouts and such lol. So I asked the ever talented Nee from ..::Envied & Admired::.. to please help me out :) And she so did! She made the banner and the impressive background :) We both have similar tastes and now she's wanting to redo hers lol!

I wanted to stay true to myself and stick with my rocker personality :) So when I asked Nee for help she blew me away :) I so love it and I hope you all enjoy it too :) I'm still tweaking some things and going to change a few things up :)

A HUGE Thank you to Nee :) You are very talented and I so appreciate you :) Ty for your hard work and friendship.

Make sure you stop by Nee's Blog! Leave her some love :)

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